Looking for the ultimate in performance?

Looking for the ultimate in performance?

Extra bhp, torque and driveability, thats the Cat Cams performance difference. Whether its fast road, rally, rallycross, circuit or drag racing, if youre looking for improved engine performance then Cat Cams has plenty to offer.
With a catalogue cover over 4000 part numbers for camshafts alone, Catcams has a huge range of profiles allowing us to select one to match your exact needs.

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Dyno proven RenaultSport Twingo RS profiles now available from CatCams

Thanks to its lightweight compact package, superb dynamics and standard power to weight ratio of 127 Bhp per ton, the RenaultSport Twingo 133 is regarded as the finest compact hot hatch on sale in the UK at the moment. Such is the quality of its chassis that the general consensus of opinion is that it could cope with plenty more power than the factory supplies and now Belgian performance valvetrain specialist Cat Cams NV can answer that need, with a set of high performance profiles targeted at the Twingo 133 fast road / trackday market.

Carrying part number 5504701, the new Cat Cams ‘Sport’ profiles for the RenaultSport Twingo 133 are manufactured to the following technical specification:-




maximum lift








254° / 250°

213° / 201°

10.65 / 7.95 mm




261° / 241°

223° / 203°

11.25 / 9.25 mm


Fast Road Sport

Dyno testing by Cat Cams’ Renault specialist partner K-Tec Racing Ltd has proven that in conjunction with an ECU remap to optimise fuelling and ignition parameters the 5504701 profiles add power and torque throughout the engine’s rev range, culminating in 12bhp and 5lb.ft at peak. Gains are particularly noticeable from 4500rpm upwards, with the Cat Cams equipped engine delivering a far more sporty performance than standard all the way up to 7000rpm making the Twingo feel like a real hot hatch!